- No hating, bullying, harassing, stalking, or being creepy

- No hate speech.

- No posting links in-game.

- No spamming.

- No spoilers.

- No Gamethrowing. Going against your goal in any case will be considered gamethrowing. You can be reported for this

- No cheating. This includes exchanging info with other players through other apps. Note: It’s not against the rules to talk while you’re playing, unless you’re giving away info about the game.

- Don’t leave the game early.

- Try not to go AFK (Away From Keyboard) while playing the game, as this might affect the game.

- No stream sniping. This means you shall not watch a stream while you are in-game and use the info from the streamer’s screen for you or them to win. This is considered cheating.

- Only speak English in public games. If you’re playing a private game with 5 to 8 people who all speak a non-english language then it is your decision, but you must speak English in public games until further notice.



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